City and community roles

The City launched Boston Creates in response to Bostonians’ clear desire for City government to play a much more active role in supporting and promoting arts and culture than it has in the past—a role that the City is already embracing. Yet, while calling for City leadership, participants in the community engagement effort also acknowledged that the City could not go it alone. In reviewing tactics for supporting the goals and strategies in the cultural plan, the working groups came to realize that the City will play different roles in the implementation of the various tactics, depending on the particular tasks involved:

  • Some proposed tactics will be City-owned, with City government both leading and implementing the required actions.
  • The implementation of other tactics will be City-led, with City government sharing ownership and implementation with partners in arts and culture and/or other sectors.
  • Still other tactics will be implemented in a City-catalyzed process in which City government endorses ideas and convenes stakeholders, but for which it may be more appropriate for other partners to own and lead implementation because of their mission, strategic priorities, or current programing.
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Boston Comic Con Parade (July 21, 2015): Days before Boston Comic Con, a Cosplay parade and competition is held at Faneuil Hall.  Cosplayers of all ages gather to showcase their costumes. Photo by Leonardo March.