Arts Education and Training

Creative Industries Workforce Study with Emerson College

Emerson College and the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development will partner to commission a feasibility study to assess the design and implementation of a new Creative Industries Workforce Program. The partnership will also call upon the area’s community colleges to help identify Bostonians to be trained for jobs in the city’s arts and culture institutions and industries.

Boston Public Schools Arts Education Policy

Boston Public Schools (BPS) will revise its Arts Education Policy to reflect significant progress made in delivering arts education offerings to students and a renewed commitment to quality arts education in public schools. The current Arts Education Policy was adopted in 1994, endorsing sequential training in Music, Visual Arts, Theater, Dance and Literary Arts as part of the core curriculum, including collaboration with Boston’s professional arts and cultural community, the establishment of site-based Arts’ Planning Teams, student enrichment and honors programs, festivals and exhibits to showcase student artwork, and professional development for arts teachers.

Even with the progress BPS Arts has made, the landscape for quality arts education remains uneven in the schools. In the Spring of 2008, BPS launched a planning process to develop a coherent framework for District-wide expansion of arts education. Based on the results of the planning process, a multi-year, three-part strategy was launched. The strategy prioritized: expanding direct arts education; building capacity at the district level to support systematic growth throughout the district; and strengthening coordination, recognizing the importance of strong and sustainable partnerships between schools and the rich and diverse arts, cultural and higher education institutions.

The revised Arts Education Policy will to align with the arts education goals of the cultural plan, which promote sustained, quality, and sequential arts education programs for all Boston Public School students.

2016 BPS Arts Expansion Fund Grants

EdVestors today announced the 2016 Boston Public Schools (BPS) Arts Expansion Fund grants, a commitment of $680,000 to schools working with nonprofits and/or teaching artists to expand, sustain, or deepen access to arts education for BPS students. Funding will go to 65 schools and 34 nonprofit arts partners to continue to expand arts learning opportunities in schools as well as to nonprofit arts organizations providing professional development for BPS arts teachers.

These grants complement the increased public funding for arts education, which has led to an 80% increase in BPS Arts Specialists since 2009. Combined, this has resulted in 17,000 additional students receiving arts educations during the school day compared to 2009.